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The Web version of the McConico Times, December 2009, Vol.16  - After the first edit this was twelve pages long. We had to edit that down for both the web and paper. Our paper version will be four pages, so this is the only place you can get the rest of the story.

Before the New Year begins, we wanted to take the time to update you & thank you for your support & friendship in 2009. These last two years have been historic for our ministry.  There have never been more opportunities, yet financially it has been brutal. In this newsletter you will get a chance to hear from all my kids - they are doing amazing things & are amazing people, hear about Youth Resources & the ministry God has given Becky & I to steward, see some fantastic pictures, get links & addresses for everyone.  Thank you again for your prayers & supporting us during this tough economic climate.  Your continued friendship is deeply appreciated.                              Ron McConico

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