Donna Daí Girl

This year has been a good one, full of new experiences. Last year I lived in the dorms on the campus of North Western College. It was a great experience being able to live so close to so many people. I loved meeting and getting to know so many of them. Last year in March over spring break six of my friends and I took a week long trip to California. We did many things, went to Magic Mountain, Hollywood, Santa Monica just to name a few. It was my first time going out of town on a trip without parents or supervision. (I have to say I liked that.) We got back two days before my 19th birthday. The rest of the year went well.

I took my first acting class; Drama and Ministry, and loved it. Over the summer I worked construction for the company that did our addition. That was definitely a new one for me! I liked learning about building and construction, and it was terribly convenient for transportation! But it was also really hard. Not so much because of the work, but because I was the only young female out there doing what is known as ďmanís work.Ē Iím sure all you ladies know what I mean. Over all Iím glad I had the opportunity. This summer was also the first time I went to camp not as a camper. I went to Youth Alive summer camp as an assistant counselor to high school girls. It was an amazing experience to be able to pour into the lives of young women. On top of that, I am now an assistant youth leader in my church. Iím humbled by this and thrilled that I get to be used so much in our youthís lives. Well, now Iím in the middle of my sophomore year at college. Iím getting deeper into my major and love it! Well, half of it. My major is Communications, emphasis in Theater. I absolutely love the Theater part. I have never wanted my classes to be longer or have more work until I took my theater classes. I have gotten much more involved this year in the drama community on campus. I was on the tech. crew this fall for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. And my summer working construction paid off in my intro to stage tech. class. We ended up building a few things and learning about tools and materials that are used. Because of this summer, I knew a lot more than anyone else in the class on these topics. On the other hand, I canít stand my communications classes. But, thatís a price Iím willing to take. I was blessed this year with a two room apartment on campus which has been a lot nicer then the dorms. (Although I miss them sometimes.) Iím living in a building called Antioch which is supporting racial reconciliation on campus and working within ourselves to reach this goal. It has been a great learning and growing experience. I also went to a conference in Seattle called N.C.M.S.L.C. which stands for National Christian Multicultural Student Leadership Convention. Well the title basically sums it up. This is the conference I attended last year in Boston. I learned a lot this year and truly enjoyed the experience of learning more about myself and how and why God made me how he did.

Iím still leading the dance and drama group, Trulife, at our church. I love being able to use what Iím learning right away instead of having to wait for an opportunity. Things are going good with us. We are moving forward and becoming more organized and shooting for bigger things than we used to. God is using us and Iím just glad to be of service.