Jon’s Journeys

Hey ya’ll. It’s the youngest but not the smallest. Well I’ve had a pretty good year this past year, so lets start with the begining, shall we?… Last year around this time I was a junior at North High School and was getting ready for track and field, but before my first meet, I got bronchitis and wasn’t able the run so I had a chance to focus on shot-put and discus. I was also in physical therapy for my shoulder that I messed up in wrestling, which was very helpful.

Over the summer I worked for MORR construction, which got me interested in construction, but the really cool part about the job was that I got to work for my parents on my own house. Over the summer I also went to my share of camps. First I went to Youth Alive Camp and had the awesome chance to see how God could use me in other people’s lives and how he worked in me through that. Towards the end of the summer I also went to a Young Life camp in North Carolina called Windy Gap. WOW! It was amazing! The camp was in a valley and there was a plethora of things to do. Young Life is an outreach program that I go to, not only to get things out of it for myself, but more importantly to reach people for God and to be an example. At the camp I had the opportunity to be an example. It was awesome to see Gods creation in the mountains. I also had an opportunity to see his creation face to face, or should I say ground to back. While at camp we went mountain biking and I caught a little too much air and flipped out of control and slid under my bike on my back for a while, so in a way I could relate when the speaker was talking about when Jesus was whipped and had his skin torn apart. After camp I went back to work for a week then got ready for my SENIOR YEAR, I’m almost out!! I can taste the freedom… only to be enslaved again to college. I’m looking forward to college; I plan on going to North Central University with my brother, my best friend, my dad, and most of all God. I didn’t play football or any other sports this year because I have three advanced placement classes this year (chemistry, literature, and government) which can count as college classes. I plan on running track this Spring. I also went to another Young Life camp in Pelican Lake, MN and had a chance to be on work crew. I was in the “PITS” where it is our duty to protect those who eat from any evil vermin that would wish to cause illness to any camper, which means I washed dishes all day, every day, for two days. It was an awesome time. I had a blast although all I did was wash dishes but I was also able to be an example to my fellow believers in my teachings, my speech, my life, my love, my faith, and most importantly my purity (also known as 1 Tim. 4:12, my life verse) and was able to let someone else have fun instead of being in the “PITS”. But one thing about the “PITS” was that it gave me a big chance to let me serve God and observe God move. There’s so much more that I could write for days. Hey, that’s a good idea! Bye. J/k but like I was saying, there’s so much more going on in my life and many more things that God is doing that I could probably write a book on it, but this is it for me right now. Peace out and God bless.