Larry O’Dell

Hi. I am Alowishus Bernard Hoppowell III, also known as Lendell. I’m just a normal hobo adopted by these fine people who in their own ways have fed and clothed me with love whenever I came to call and I have spent many a cold night on their couch much to the displeasure of my back. I’m also helping Ron out as a gopher (not the small furry creatures, nor the college team), but soon I shall have to leave these wonderful people to go to basic training for eight months. Any prayers offered on my behalf are welcomed and sorely needed. Well, that’s all.

In the words of Tiny Tim, “God bless you everyone!” Feliz Navidad, Lendell Lattimore AKA Lenny, Larry, Lucy, Lulu, Luis, Larrydell, Lindisel and “Hey you get off my lawn!”