Simonís Summer Adventures

Hello everyone. I am now in my first senior year at Northcentral University. I will have one more year before I graduate with a degree in Church Music. I finished up my Junior year and within the week left for my summer job. All summer I lived and worked in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Rescue Mission.

I taught summer school to kids in the neighborhood. This year I got a chance to teach sixth graders and see quite a few of them come to find Christ and come to a deeper understanding of the Bible and Gods love for them. We taught everything from math to reading to Bible and recreation. I was really blessed to work with the kids there and learned a lot about life on my own being away from family for the second summer in a row. At the end of work and before school I lived with one of my best friends fiancť on their farm. Her wedding was about a week after we got done at the Mission and so I got a chance to experience farm life for a while. I played guitar in her wedding and then the next day came to Minneapolis and dropped my stuff off at the dorm and got ready for leadership training a day or two later. This year I am the Discipleship Administrator for my living area at NCU. I have a staff of eighteen Discipleship Leaders who help and work alongside the RAs. It has been difficult and I have had to take lighter class loads because of having many meetings and people that I am responsible for, but it is stretching me and I am learning valuable lessons in leadership and time management. This semester I am hoping to walk away with almost all Aís and maybe one or two Bís out of ten classes. This summer I plan on doing an internship that is required for school. If things go as planned I will be returning to Wisconsin and working at Oak Creek Assembly of God. I hope to learn a lot and work a lot. I still need a car for getting there and getting around so I am looking for something to drive. I think that is all from my side of the woods.